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Online Security

ICBC Internet Banking Security Policy

Online banking simultaneously brings us convenience and considerable risks. In this regard, ICBC has always placed the security of transactions and information first. Heavy security features in ICBC Personal Internet Banking and Corporate Internet Banking play a vital role in protecting the security of your account and monies. You can bank online with peace of mind.

Online Security Scan - the PC's Physical Exam for Safer Internet Banking

ICBC Online Security Scan is a free computer safety service that ICBC provides for the Internet Banking customers. Empowered by MS ActiveX technology, ICBC Online Security Scan detects and removes spyware and system bugs in Internet Banking on your PC through using the internationally cutting-edge security engine and downloading the Online Security Scan control and malicious software signature codes in Internet Banking via IE. ICBC Online Security Scan is a physical exam to your PC – it greatly mitigates the risks of being attacked by spyware in Internet Banking and provides powerful safety protection to your Internet Banking!

New E-Banking Security Tool - E-Banking Code Card

The E-Banking Code Card is an E-Banking security tool newly launched by ICBC. The Card actually uses a dynamic E-Banking password as an additional security measure to protect the monies in the account. In other words, your account is safe once the Code Card is kept safely. Now you can use E-Banking services with peace of mind.

One new password each time, simple, fast, convenient, and safe. The password can be used in many situations. It is a card tailored to travel with you. Having an "E-Banking Code Card" on hand will stop Trojan virus, bogus mail and fraudulent website from entering your Internet Banking, protecting your best interests.

The E-Banking Code Card is free. For Details please contact our branches.

Unique Functions + Good Habits – Protect Customers Using Static Password

ICBC offers a series of unique functions to protect your online transactions if you have not applied for USB-Shield or E-Banking Code Card:

-- Reserved Information Verification
A Simple way to help you identify bogus websites.

-- Balance Change Reminding
Provides the most updated account balance whenever it is needed

-- Anti-Fishing ActiveX
A safeguard measure against fraudulent phishing website (webpage)

Please note that you should always take precautions to protect against online frauds such as bogus websites or Trojan virus, by following the tips listed below:

◆ Log on the right website   ◆ Protect My Password

◆ Ensure Computer Safety ◆ Deploy Other Protective Measures

ICBC Internet Banking – How much do You know?

ICBC stands in the forefront of E-banking services. Many Internet Banking products and services are launched every year. ICBC Internet Banking is leading the Chinese market in terms of customer volume and business turnover. Financial peers both domestic and international all recognize excellence through their eminent series of awards for the superb functions and state-of-the-art technology employed in ICBC Internet Banking.

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