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Debit Card



Date: 1st May 2018


Please note that the Bank will temporarily cease the issue of new or replacement UnionPay cards with immediate effect from the date stated above. This service will resume at a later date to be advised. All references made to the UnionPay card or UnionPay card services on our website are applicable only to our existing customers with a valid UnionPay card.


If you have any questions, please contact us.


-- Withdraw cash free of charge at ATM machines with a “LINK” logo.
-- Withdraw cash at ICBC branch counters or at all ATM machines in Mainland China.
-- Purchase goods by swiping the card in Mainland China.
-- Withdraw cash or purchase goods within the UnionPay network which covers over a 100 countries and regions including the UK and China Mainland.
-- No additional charges for purchasing abroad.
-- No foreign currency conversion charge when withdrawing cash or making purchases abroad. (However we do charge a commission fee of 2% for cash withdrawals abroad.)

1. Card Functions
In addition to transactions such as withdrawals and deposits over the counter of ICBC (London) plc and ICBC China Mainland , you can also:
- Withdraw Cash
In the UK: At ATMs within the Link network (99% of ATMs).
Outside the UK: At ATMs with the UnionPay logo.
- Purchase Goods
At all merchants globally where the UnionPay logo is displayed.
For more details on where you can use your cards please check the UnionPay website:

2. Preferential Terms
(1)No charges for cash withdrawals from ATMs within the UK except where ATMs have set charges.
(2)When you withdraw cash abroad, other than the actual exchange rate we do not charge you any additional currency conversion fees which are typically 1%-2% of the transaction value. However, we do charge a commission fee of 2% of the transaction.
(3)Other than the actual exchange rate we do not charge you any commission charges or commission fees when you make purchases at CUP designated merchants abroad.

3. Application
Applicants should bring a valid passport or another valid photo ID (non-UK applicants must bring a valid passport and Visa) to one of our along with proof of address if you have not already opened a bank account with us. For more details on necessary account opening documentation please ask a member of staff or visit our website at

Customers with deposits of over £10,000 in ICBC (London) plc, or customers who are or have been an ICBC elite club account holder, can apply for a Golden China UnionPay Debit Card. The Golden Debit Card entitles the holder to VIP services such as preferential rates on certain transactions. Please ask one of our staff for more details.

4. Tariff

Transaction Applicable Charges
Cash Machine Withdrawal within UK Free (unless otherwise stated at the ATM)
Mainland China ICBC Branch Counter Cash Deposit and Withdrawal 2% of transaction amount as commission (Min £2/Max £50))
Gold Card: Free
Mainland China ICBC Cash Machine Withdrawal 2% of transaction amount as commission (Min £1/Max £4)
Gold Card: Free
Mainland China ICBC Cash Machine Account Enquiry Free
Cash Machine Withdrawal Abroad 2% of transaction amount as commission (Min £1/Max £4)
Cash Machine Account Enquiry Abroad 30p per Enquiry
Replacement of Lost/Damaged Card £5 per card

5. Loss of Debit Card
If you discover that your Card is lost, stolen or being used in an unauthorised way, you must notify us immediately by calling our 24-hour customer service hotline on 0800 519 5588 (UK)/+44 20 3326 6739 (From Overseas).

6. Our Office
City Branch
81 King William Street, London EC4N 7BG
Telephone Number: 020 7397 8888
Fax: 020 7397 8877
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 09:30 – 16:00