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Questions and Answers concerning Your Account Closure

  • What does this mean to me?     

If you are a retail customer holding Current and/or Fixed Term Deposit Accounts with us, until 30th September 2024, there will be no change in the way you currently use your account, except that no new Fixed Term Deposit(s) or renewal of outstanding Fixed Term Deposit(s) will be provided from 29th April 2024. After 30th September 2024, no cash service or access to your Personal Online Banking and Mobile Banking will be available. All products offered to wholesale customers will not be impacted.

  • What support will be available to help me close my accounts and transfer the closure proceeds to another bank?

       Please get in touch if you have any questions. We will be happy to help.


From the UK: 020 7397 8869 (English) or 020 7398 9606 (Mandarin). From Overseas: +44 20 7397 8869 (English) or +44 20 7398 9606 (Mandarin).

Visit us

ICBC (London) plc
81 King William Street London EC4N 7BG
Our business hours: Monday-Friday 9.30am – 4pm.

Write to us

Account Services Team ICBC (London) plc
81 King William Street London EC4N 7BG

Email us

  • How can I close my account (s)?

Please complete the Account Closure Form and return it by following options to close your account(s).

By Email: with the subject title “Requesting Account Closure”.
By Post in the enclosed envelope by tracked Royal Mail.
Visiting the Counter at 81 King William Street, London EC4N 7BG

  • How can I query my account balance prior to closing my account?

Please contact us using any of the methods listed in question two above. Our experienced customer service team will be happy to help.

  • Can the bank help me to switch my bank account to another account provider directly?

We can make balance transfers to another bank provider without charging a fee, although we will not be able to provide account switch service.

  • Can I withdraw my account funds in cash?

We strongly recommend you transfer your balance to another bank. If you prefer to withdraw your account balance in cash before 30th September 2024, please give us prior notice (at least 24 hours for GBP cash withdrawals in excess of £5,000). Withdrawals of cash in foreign currency are subject to availability.

  • What will happen if I do not instruct the transfer of my funds and closure of my account(s) by 30th September 2024?  

       For your funds remaining unclaimed after 30th September 2024, you can only make a claim by visiting the Bank’s counter with a valid passport or UK/EEA photocard driving license.  Your eligible funds will continue to be protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

  • What can I do if I have difficulty to close account?

Please contact us directly if you need further support. We will try our best to support you.

  • What happens to my personal data after account closure?  

The Bank will hold your personal data for 7 years after account closure in accordance with the UK General Data Protection Regulation and any other applicable regulations in force at that time.

  • After my account is closed, will I receive a bank statement?

The Bank will post your final bank statement that shows your account has been closed. If you are a UK resident, you should receive this statement within one week of your account closure. If your address as per our records is overseas, the receipt of your final bank statement may take longer (approximately 2-3 weeks).

  • Can I request my tax certificate for tax purposes?

Yes. The Bank will post the certificate to customers who are in receipt of interest between 6th April 2024 and 5th April 2025.

  • How do I raise any concerns or make a complaint about the proposed arrangements?  

If you are unhappy with the proposed arrangements, please speak to us. We will do everything we can to make things right at the first opportunity.

  • By Email: 
  • By call: from the UK 020 7397 8884/7398 9538
    from overseas +44 20 7397 8884/7398 9538
    Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
  • By post or visiting our counter:ICBC (London) plc Banking Department

                                               81 King William Street, London EC4N 7BG